Section 32 Settlement

Section 32 Settlement | Medical Care of WNY | Buffalo NY

Considering A Section 32 Settlement? Here’s What You Should Know When you’re working, you are likely surrounded by a variety of situations that could potentially cause you harm. This is common in every workplace regardless of type. From objects falling off of top shelves to being exposed to chemicals, the opportunities for physical endangerment in […]

Buffalo Weight Loss

Buffalo Weight Loss | Medical Care of WNY | Buffalo NY

Buffalo Weight Loss Doctors Whether you’re out of shape, overweight, or just want to shed some pounds to help yourself look and feel better, weight loss can be difficult. The human body was built to keep weight on to store nutrients for when food isn’t readily available, and rerouting this process takes time. There are […]

WNY Medical Practice

WNY Medical Practice | Medical Care of WNY | Buffalo NY

WNY Medical Practice Serving Buffalo, NY Finding medical care can be an overwhelming process, especially if you’re looking for the best ones in the area that you’re in. Some medical professionals may not make you feel as comfortable as possible, and this can be a turnoff for many people. If you’ve had negative experiences with […]

Gynecologist in Buffalo NY

Gynecologist in Buffalo NY | Medical Care of WNY | Buffalo, NY

Dedicated Gynecologist in Buffalo NY As a female, you’ve likely had to visit, or will have to visit, a gynecologist at some point. Gynecologists can ensure your reproductive health are up to proper standards. Finding a gynecologist that you’re comfortable with is key, as they’ll be discussing some of your most personal life details with […]

Elmwood Village Medical Clinic

Elmwood Village Medical Clinic | Medical Care of WNY | Buffalo, NY

Elmwood Village Medical Clinic Accepting No-Fault & Workers’ Compensation Everybody needs medical care. From unexpected injuries and illnesses to wellness checks, medical care is essential in order to stay healthy in your day to day life. Where you get your medical care from is a different story, though. There are a variety of physicians and […]

Work Injury Physical Therapy

Work Injury Physical Therapy Medical Care of WNY Buffalo, NY

Workers’ Compensation Doctor Providing Work Injury Physical Therapy When you go to work, there is always risk of injury, as sustaining an injury is possible in any situation. Getting hurt on the job is never pleasant, and depending on the injury, it could require extended healing time. Part of this healing process may be physical […]

Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

Physical Therapy for Neck Pain Medical Care of WNY Buffalo,NY

Buffalo Injury Doctor Providing Physical Therapy for Neck Pain Do you have frequent or chronic neck pain? Do you find yourself needing to stretch out your neck multiple times a day due to being uncomfortable or having generalized stiffness? If so, you’re not alone. Many people around the world deal with chronic neck pain due […]

Work-Related Injury Doctor

Work-Related Injury Doctor | Medical Care of WNY | Buffalo, NY

Dedicated Work-Related Injury Doctor in Buffalo, NY Injuries are common for everybody everywhere. The human body is not built to withstand certain stressors, so sometimes it falls susceptible to injury or illness. It does not care where, in terms of proximity, this injury takes place. Because of that, work-related injuries are common. The majority of […]

Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Physical Therapy for Back Pain | Medical Care of WNY | Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Injury Doctor Providing Physical Therapy for Back Pain As people are becoming more stationary in life, back pain and injuries are seemingly becoming more common. If you have chronic back pain that has lasted over a week, your physician will typically recommend you visit a physical therapist to identify and relieve your pain. Physical […]

No Fault Doctor

No Fault Doctor | Accident Doctor | Medical Care of WNY | Buffalo,NY

Experienced No Fault Doctor Serving Buffalo, NY We’ve all heard the phrase, “I’m human,” before. But what does that mean? Being human means that we make mistakes. We aren’t indestructible. We get hurt. And sometimes, when we get hurt, it may not be our fault. There are plenty of situations where accidents happen and you […]