Pain Management Doctors

Pain Management Doctors | Medical Care of WNY | Buffalo, NY

Pain Management Doctors If you’re like many people who suffer from pain, whether onset or chronic, you deserve relief. Living with pain is not the most enjoyable thing to do. It can restrict you from performing and enjoying some of your daily activities, and you may soon feel like you’re missing out on what life […]

Types of Neck Injuries

Types of Neck Injuries | Medical Care of WNY | Buffalo, NY

Types of Neck Injuries Your neck is one of the most important features of your body. The neck provides support to the head, and the head contains the brain. Without use of your neck, you would likely have a rough time moving around and functioning properly. With this in mind, it can be very frustrating […]

WNY Women’s Imaging

WNY Women’s Imaging | Medical Care of WNY | Buffalo, NY

WNY Women’s Imaging The female body is strong and capable of withstanding all types of conditions. However, just because a woman’s body is capable does not mean it is immune to harm. Because of this, it’s important that women over a certain age receive imaging and diagnostic treatment annually to ensure their health is up […]

What to Wear to Physical Therapy

What to Wear to Physical Therapy | Medical Care of WNY | Buffalo, NY

What to Wear to Physical Therapy If you’ve never had physical therapy before, you may have a variety of questions prior to your first appointment. The key to feeling safe and comfortable throughout your appointments is being open to asking your physical therapist questions and voicing your concerns. One of the most common questions regarding […]

Buffalo OBGYN

Buffalo OBGYN | Gynecologist in Buffalo, NY | Medical Care of WNY

Buffalo OBGYN Providing Women’s Health Services Throughout Western New York At some point in any woman’s life a visit to an OBGYN is essential. An OBGYN deals with the female reproductive system which is a complex and extensive set of organs in the body. There are plenty of aspects of this system that require care […]


WNY OBGYN | Women's Health | Medical Care of WNY | Buffalo NY

Dedicated WNY OBGYN & Women’s Health Doctors If you’re a female, it’s likely that you’ve been to an OBGYN or will need to visit one in the near future. The female reproductive system is an extensive aspect of the human body that requires plenty of understanding and individualized care. There are many reasons, which you’d […]

Section 32 Settlement

Section 32 Settlement | Medical Care of WNY | Buffalo NY

Considering A Section 32 Settlement? Here’s What You Should Know When you’re working, you are likely surrounded by a variety of situations that could potentially cause you harm. This is common in every workplace regardless of type. From objects falling off of top shelves to being exposed to chemicals, the opportunities for physical endangerment in […]

Buffalo Weight Loss

Buffalo Weight Loss | Medical Care of WNY | Buffalo NY

Buffalo Weight Loss Doctors Whether you’re out of shape, overweight, or just want to shed some pounds to help yourself look and feel better, weight loss can be difficult. The human body was built to keep weight on to store nutrients for when food isn’t readily available, and rerouting this process takes time. There are […]

WNY Medical Practice

WNY Medical Practice | Medical Care of WNY | Buffalo NY

WNY Medical Practice Serving Buffalo, NY Finding medical care can be an overwhelming process, especially if you’re looking for the best ones in the area that you’re in. Some medical professionals may not make you feel as comfortable as possible, and this can be a turnoff for many people. If you’ve had negative experiences with […]

Gynecologist in Buffalo NY

Gynecologist in Buffalo NY | Medical Care of WNY | Buffalo, NY

Dedicated Gynecologist in Buffalo NY As a female, you’ve likely had to visit, or will have to visit, a gynecologist at some point. Gynecologists can ensure your reproductive health are up to proper standards. Finding a gynecologist that you’re comfortable with is key, as they’ll be discussing some of your most personal life details with […]