Common Car Accident Injuries

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Common Car Accident Injuries We Treat at Medical Care of WNY

The dedicated Buffalo car accident doctors at Medical Care of WNY treat a variety of injuries associated with car, truck, motorcycle and other motor vehicle accidents. If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident in Western New York, contact us today to arrange an appointment with our injury doctors. Let’s help you get back on the road to recovery. 

Car Accident Injuries | Buffalo Injury Doctor | Medical Care of WNYCar accident injuries can happen at the worst and most unexpected times. With more and more cars on the road every day, people are getting injured from car accidents more frequently. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that over three million people are injured in car accidents in the United States every year.

Of course, the degree of these injuries varies, but there are some injuries that are both more harmful and common than others. This is often due to whether the person was wearing a seat belt or not, where the car was hit, and the speed of the collision. For example, one injury may clear within a few days, while the other may result in a permanent physical disability. Regardless of the injury, car accident injuries are not a positive experience. Below, we’ve detailed some of the most common car accident injuries.

Soft Tissue Injuries

The first of the common car accident injuries we will discuss is considered a soft tissue injury. Soft tissue is defined as the connecting tissues that support structures and organs in the body. Types of soft tissue include ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Of the soft tissue injuries, whiplash is the most frequently seen issue.

Whiplash occurs when ligaments become stretched and stressed due to sudden movements. In car accidents, this is common in the neck and upper back, as your head and upper body can jerk suddenly in a crash. Aside from whiplash, back strains are also common car accident injuries. Soft tissue injuries can become permanent issues if not handled and treated appropriately, so be sure to visit a car accident doctor after your accident if you suspect injury.

Superficial Scrapes and Cuts

Everybody has had scrapes and cuts in their lives. From falling off a bike to accidentally catching your arm on something sharp, these are not the worst issues you can experience, but they are painful. In a car accident, scrapes and cuts are quite common. Pieces from your car, spare items, and even your own belongings can fly about the cabin of the car upon impact.

These can be sharp, or pieces can break off and become more dangerous. If any of these items hit your body, they can scrape and cut you, ultimately drawing blood and leading to painful symptoms. In more serious circumstances, though, deeper scrapes and cuts can lead to significant blood loss. In this instance, seek immediate care; you may require stitches or potential transfusions.

Head and Chest Injuries

Both head and chest injuries are harmful in any situation, especially when occurring as car accident injuries. They can take on many forms and often always occur due to impact related injuries. Other than the muscle and soft tissue strains that can happen, both your head and chest can suffer contusions, lacerations, and significant damage.

Regarding head injuries, one common form of harm is called a closed head injury; this is where skull tissue and fluid becomes damaged from sudden movement, thus leading to concussions or brain damage. In terms of chest injuries, force injuries are common car accident injuries, especially in areas of where the seatbelt was fastened or if the airbag impacted in the chest area. Car accident injuries involving the head and chest should be examined by a doctor immediately to ensure safety.

Seek Immediate Medical Care

If you’ve recently been in a car accident and are experiencing any of the common car accident injuries mentioned above, it’s important to seek out medical care. Medical Care of WNY, located in Buffalo, NY, can help you out. Our medical office helps our patients in the most natural and least invasive ways possible, so you’ll always leave with no additional harm done. Be sure to contact us today for more information. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry, so come get your car accident injuries examined today!

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