Hip Injury Treatment in Buffalo, NY

You might think that hip injuries only happen to older people. The hip joints wear out, and elderly people need a hip replacement as a reward for making it to old age. While that does happen, you can injure an otherwise healthy joint, as well. At Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo, our physicians regularly see people who have injured their hips in accidents. For instance, many of our patients have experienced a significant hip injury during a fall or a vehicle accident.

When you suffer from a hip injury, you can feel your quality of life is slipping away. You can’t move around like you used to, and the pain can feel unbearable. At the same time, you are worried about seeking treatment. You don’t want to spend your days shuffling from one doctor’s appointment to the next, and you are worried about coordinating your care between facilities.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about those issues when you go to Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo. Our multidisciplinary practice can diagnose and treat your hip injury, and we accept no-fault and workers’ compensation claims. We make it easy to get the treatment you need at Medical Care of Western New York.

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Common Hip Injuries

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The physicians at Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo often see acute and overuse hip injuries. Acute hip injuries are caused by accidents, and the symptoms present immediately. Overuse hip injuries occur when people repeat the same activities over and over, putting stress on the hips. The symptoms get worse over time with these injuries.

What Is Bursitis?

Bursitis is one of the most common hip injuries we see at Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo. Fluid-filled sacs called bursae are responsible for cushioning the joints. If the bursae become inflamed, they can’t provide the cushioning you need. This painful condition is diagnosed as bursitis.

This is often an overuse injury. If you run, bicycle, climb stairs, or stand for long periods of time, you might put too much pressure on your bursa, leading to the injury. You can also get bursitis due to a hip injury, spine disease, rheumatoid arthritis, or bone spurs. It’s even possible to get this condition if one of your legs is longer than the other.

You can expect to feel pain that begins at the point of your hip and moves to the outer thigh if you have this condition. This usually begins as a sharp pain in a specific area. If the condition goes untreated, it will likely become a dull ache that spans the entire hip. This makes it difficult to stand, walk, and run.

Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo can diagnose and treat hip bursitis. The treatment protocol might include medications, assistive devices, and physical therapy. Since we provide all of these options in one place, you do not have to worry about traveling around New York to get the necessary treatment.

What Is A Labrum Tear?

If you could see your hip in person, you’d likely note that it looks like a ball and socket. The acetabulum is the socket, and the femoral head is the ball. The acetabulum is covered by soft tissue called the labrum.

The labrum is responsible for allowing the femoral head to move throughout the socket without resistance. It’s the reason you can walk without feeling pain. It also seals the socket in place without letting the ball and socket touch.

Labrum tears are often due to trauma related to repetitive, high-impact movements. You can also get a labrum tear due to structural issues or degenerative health conditions.

If you tear your labrum, you can expect to experience a variety of symptoms. Hip pain and stiffness are common, and you also might notice pain in the buttocks or groin area. It’s also common to notice a feeling of instability while standing and walking. Some people also hear a clicking sound when they walk.

It is important to seek treatment after tearing your labrum. Failure to do so could make the condition worse.

What Is Hip Strain?

Muscles are responsible for supporting your hip joint. If those muscles are stretched beyond capacity, they will tear, creating a hip strain. Athletes often strain their hips while engaging in sports, but it is also possible to strain your hip doing routine housework or other activities.

If you strain your hip, you will experience pain that will get worse when you engage the muscle. The strain might limit your range of motion and make your muscles weak. You also might experience swelling at the site of the strain.

Rest, ice, compression, and elevation are recommended if you experience a hip strain. In many cases, this will alleviate the symptoms and allow the hip to heal. If you continue to experience pain, you should seek medical treatment. The staff at Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo will evaluate your strain and create a customized treatment plan that might include medication and physical therapy. Your physician will also evaluate your lifestyle to see if changes need to be made to reduce the risk of straining your hip again.

What Is Hip Instability?

Hip instability is another issue that many people face. While some people are born with this issue, others end up with hip instability due to an injury. Subtle hip subluxation is one form of hip instability. If you have this hip injury, your hip will slide in and out of place. Hip instability is also defined as a hip dislocation. This is a much more severe form of hip instability.

Hip instability can often be treated with a combination of lifestyle changes, medication, and physical therapy. Fortunately, you can receive all these treatments at Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo.

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Most importantly, you can receive a full range of care at Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo. Our multidisciplinary practice can diagnose and treat hip injuries, so you can return to your normal activities quickly. To make this even easier, we accept no-fault and workers’ compensation insurance claims. We also provide the documentation necessary for you to substantiate your claim.

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