Vertigo Treatment in Buffalo, NY

Do you feel dizzy and out of sorts? Do you lose your balance when you’re walking or feel an instant surge of dizziness when you roll over or stand up? You might have vertigo. Vertigo is uncomfortable for some people and debilitating for others. Regardless of the degree of vertigo you suffer from, proper treatment can help you live a fulfilled and happy life.

Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo takes a comprehensive approach to vertigo treatment. Learn more about this condition and how we can help at Medical Care of WNY, where healing happens!

What Is Vertigo?

Vertigo Treatment in Buffalo, NY Dizziness Balance Disorder TinnitusYour vestibular system plays an important role in helping your body maintain proper balance. The system is made of a saccule, utricle, and semicircular canals located in each ear. Gravity and linear movement are detected by the saccule and utricle. The semicircular canals are responsible for detecting rotational movement. When everything is working properly, your body maintains its balance and you can easily stand, walk, roll over, and complete other actions. However, if something goes wrong inside of the system, you can end up with a balance disorder. Vertigo impedes balance and puts you at risk for falling. Nausea and vomiting are also signs of vertigo.

What Are Some Common Causes of Vertigo?

It’s a myth that vertigo is just a condition experienced by the elderly. People of all ages can be diagnosed with vertigo. Learn about the causes of the condition to get a better idea of how it materializes.

Head Trauma

Many people are surprised to learn they can develop vertigo due to whiplash from a car accident, a slip, fall, sporting accident, or assault. When these accidents lead to head trauma, you can end up with vertigo. Most often, you’ll be diagnosed with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).

Symptoms of BPPV present when you change your head’s position. For instance, you might feel dizzy when you sit up quickly in the morning or roll over in bed. You even might feel dizzy when you stand on your feet or walk. People with BPPV also complain of nausea and vomiting.

BPPV can be debilitating, and it is important to get treatment. Also, if you have experience head trauma, you need a full diagnostic workup to ensure you don’t have any other injuries. Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo can provide you with a proper diagnosis and then treat your condition.


As you grow older, you become more likely to develop vertigo. The vestibular system deteriorates, and that can lead to vertigo. Even if you have vertigo due to aging, you can still seek treatment. The proper treatment can help you stand on solid ground once again.


Migraine-associated vertigo is similar to an aura. While many people experience visual auras, others have vertigo before their headaches begin. Some people only experience vertigo for a few minutes, but others have it for up to three days.

Migraine-associated vertigo can be experienced in two ways. Some people feel as if the world is moving around them, even if they are sitting or standing still. Others only experience vertigo if they move their heads.

If you have migraine-associated vertigo, you need to be treated for both migraines and your balance disorder. You will be amazed by how much better you feel once these two issues are under control. Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo can treat both conditions, so you can finally get your life back.

Acoustic Neuroma

An acoustic neuroma is a growth that’s located on the vestibular nerve. The tumor is benign, but it can lead to vertigo, tinnitus, and other issues. You also might experience hearing loss if you have an acoustic neuroma. Depending on the severity of the issue, the tumor might have to be removed. Often, though, the symptoms can be managed without surgery.

Inflammation in the Inner Ear

Inflammation in the inner ear can also cause vertigo. This is referred to as labyrinthitis or vestibular neuritis, and it’s often caused by an ear infection. The infection leads to inflammation, and that impacts the nerves that help you maintain balance. Common symptoms include dizziness, nausea, and difficulty balancing. Many people have to stay in bed until this condition clears up. If it doesn’t go away after a day or two, it’s critical to seek medical attention. It’s very difficult to walk with this type of vertigo, and you are at risk of injuring yourself in a fall.

Meniere’s Disease

While not as common as the other causes of vertigo, some people experience this condition due to Meniere’s disease. This disease occurs when fluid builds up inside the inner ear. People of any age can be diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. If you have it, you will likely experience hearing loss and vertigo for a period of time. These spells tend to last anywhere from a half hour to several hours and can reappear at any time.

Easy Access to Vertigo Treatment

Our beautifully renovated office has a variety of specialists available to treat vertigo. Each plan is customized for the patient. You might receive medication, undergo physical therapy, and may receive outside referrals to specialists if your condition is chronic in nature. Fortunately, you can receive all the treatments at a single office, so you don’t have to worry about traveling around Buffalo.

Because you will only need to go to one spot for your treatment, it is much easier to coordinate your care. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of faxing medical records or contacting doctors to get information about the treatment you’ve received. Our medical team will coordinate with each other to help you get better.

Paying for Treatment

Dealing with a balance disorder is difficult enough on its own. Matters can become worse when you have to worry about paying for medical care. Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo makes the payment process as easy as possible so you can get the treatment you need without being bogged down with paperwork or worry.

Along with accepting insurance from a variety of companies, we accept no-fault and workers’ compensation claims. If you suffered an injury at work or in an accident that led to your balance disorder, you can file a claim so that you don’t have to pay for treatment.

We will make the process a breeze for you by providing the documentation needed to support the claim. We can also help you file all the necessary paperwork, and you won’t have to pay us anything for our services. We will receive the money from the insurance company. You can focus on getting better while we handle the red tape. That is a relief if you are suffering from bouts of dizziness. The idea of coming up with the money or handling mounds of paperwork can be overwhelming, so we take that off your shoulders.

Visit Our Office Today

We accept walk-in patients, and no one who needs treatment is turned down at our office. You can also make an appointment to ensure you are seen at a specific time.

We understand that dealing with the symptoms of vertigo is very uncomfortable and dangerous, so we will get you in quickly, even if you need to see multiple specialists. With our help, you can regain your joy in life. You’ll be amazed by how much better you feel when you regain your balance.

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