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When you go to work, there is always risk of injury, as sustaining an injury is possible in any situation. Getting hurt on the job is never pleasant, and depending on the injury, it could require extended healing time. Part of this healing process may be physical therapy. Physical therapy relates to the aided healing of bodily injury through stretching and exercise of the muscles. If you are the victim of a work injury, finding a physical therapist that supports workers compensation could be the difference between having your injury heal fully or not. Keep reading below for more information about how physical therapy can help you after work injury.

Common Work Injuries that Could Require Physical Therapy

Though there are plenty of injuries that someone can receive at work, some are more common than others especially if you work in a more industrial-based environment.

The three most frequently seen workplace injuries that could require or benefit from physical therapy include head and neck injuries, broken bones or strained muscles, and back injuries.

First, head injuries are seen in various situations, but they frequently occur when falling objects from atop hit an individual. For example, this could be something falling from a cupboard, a ream of paper from a supply closet, or a box or container from a warehouse storage facility. Common injuries from this incident include concussions and neck pain. Physical therapy can help regain full motion and comfort of the head and neck.

Next, broken bones and strained muscles are common, as they can happen anywhere. From slipping to getting caught in machinery, no two of these are identical. Physical therapy will make sure your mobility and functionality are regained.

Lastly, back pain and injuries are frequently seen in office environments. After sitting for extended periods of time, muscles may tighten. When you then have to lift something, you are more susceptible to injury. Back injuries are difficult, but the pain and lack of movement associated with them can be healed and improved through physical therapy.

Regardless of the injury that you receive at work, physical therapy could decrease heal time and pain levels.

Benefits of Physical Therapy After a Work Injury

If you sustained an injury at work and are considering receiving physical therapy, it’s important to recognize the benefits associated with doing so.

First of all, physical therapy allows function and movement to be restored in the area of injury. When you get hurt, your muscles and tissues around the area can become restricted. Stretching and loosening the area will help you regain proper function. Related to this, strength and condition of the area can increase as well.

Once your muscles and tissues are stretched out, they are more susceptible to mass gain and strength training. If you lost any muscle or need to retrain your muscles to work properly, physical therapy is key.

Lastly, physical therapy can relieve pain. Physical therapy releases chemicals in the body that help heal and reduce pain and inflammation, thus making for a more pleasurable healing experience. Regardless of your injury, physical therapy has plenty of benefits to consider.

Find a Physical Therapist

If you’re looking for a top-notch physical therapist in the Buffalo area of Western New York, Medical Care of WNY can help. We offer physical therapy for those who were a victim of workplace injury.

If you’re ready to heal faster and effectively, contact us today to schedule a consultation and identify how we can help you on your journey to recovery!

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