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General Medicine

Medical Care of WNY at Buffalo

Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo is a multidisciplinary practice dedicated to the treatment of all patients using the most natural and least invasive approach. Whether the patient is in need of general medical care, injury/accident care, rehabilitative care, women’s health care and/or physical therapy, our staff is here to provide diagnosis and treatment.

Physical Therapy

Outcomes of the rehabilitation process are focused on the patient’s return to his/her performance of the activities of daily living. The fundamental purpose of the treatment plan is to integrate newly acquired gains in flexibility, strength and coordination and apply them to how the individual functions at home and at work. – LEARN MORE

No-Fault / Worker’s Compensation

We diagnose the injuries you have sustained as a result of the accident and treat those injuries and their resulting disabilities. It is also our job to properly document your injuries, disabilities and treatment. Proper documentation provides legal proof/evidence of your injuries and/or disabilities. – LEARN MORE

Medical Care of WNY seeks to be your “medical home.” We aim to provide you with a broad spectrum of care, both preventative and curative, and to coordinate all care you receive. – LEARN MORE

Additional Services

The Parish Commons is the home to many other health care providers. As time goes on, the Parish Commons will continue to move towards its vision of creating a single location structure where one can come and have multiple health related services rendered to them in a single location. – LEARN MORE