Common Sports Injuries We Treat

Common Sports Injuries We Treat Buffalo Doctors Free Consultations

Have you been injured while playing your sport? This is a very common occurrence, especially in high contact sports. Having an injury can be very frustrating and depressing. You cannot participate in your sport, and you are likely stuck in bed or on a couch for most of your day. We treat various forms of sports injuries. To learn more about the treatments that we offer to aid in your speedy recovery, please keep reading. We offer free consultations.

Acute Sports Injuries

We can treat many acute sports injuries. An acute injury would be something like a broken bone, dislocated shoulder, concussion, etc. These injuries typically happen in an instant.

Not only will you likely require a lot of care for your injury initially, but you will also need aftercare as well. Physical therapy is very useful in acute injuries. You can come back stronger if you perform physical therapy as prescribed.

Overuse Sports Injuries

Some of the most common sports injuries come from overuse. It could be because of prolonged wear and tear on joints like your elbow, knees, or shoulders. It could also be because of a lack of strength training to provide the stability needed to be able to do the movement your sport requires without eventually causing damage.

Unfortunately, the first line of treatment for most overuse injuries includes rest. Most often, when you have an overuse injury, you are going to be sent to physical therapy. Physical therapy can help strengthen the joint to aid in recovery as well as prevent further injury.

If you have hypermobile joints, it can make you very prone to injury. Keeping up with strengthening your stability joints can help you avoid more overuse injuries.

Set up a Free Consultation with Our Buffalo Doctors

If you have sports injuries that need to be treated, please do not wait to get in touch with our Buffalo doctors. We provide free consultations. You deserve to get to a place where you are not hindered by injuries. With proper treatment and rehabilitation, we can get you back to your sport as soon as possible. Call us today to set up your free consultation.

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