Workers Comp Doctor in Buffalo, NY

Workers Comp Doctor in Buffalo, NY Medical Care of WNY at Buffalo

Dedicated Workers Comp Doctor Helping Injured Victims in Buffalo, NY

Every 7 seconds, a worker is injured on the job. Whether they slipped and fell or were hit by a falling object on a construction site, Buffalo workers are injured every day and looking for a road to recovery. Whether you’re suffering from a cut or laceration, pain in your arms or legs due to repetitive motions, or were involved in a car accident while traveling for work, our state-of-the-art medical office offers everything you need for diagnosis and treatment of your work injuries. Also, since our workers comp doctor accepts workers’ compensation insurance claims, you don’t have to worry about the upfront costs of treatment. Your company’s workers’ compensation policy will cover your treatment. That means you can get the treatment you need without dipping into your bank account.

Workers Comp Doctor in Buffalo, NY Medical Care of WNY at BuffaloWe make the entire process easy for you, from start to finish. We aren’t just a team of medical professionals. We are your partner in treatment and recovery. Schedule an appointment with a dedicated workers comp doctor at Medical Care of WNY and let us help you on your road to recovery.

At Medical Care of WNY, we are an authorized workers’ compensation health care provider, which means that workers’ compensation is required to pay for all necessary and reasonable medical treatments. Our workers comp doctor will provide the treatment you need and we’ll worry about receiving payment from the insurance company that issued the workers’ compensation policy. You do not have to pay up front and wait for the workers’ compensation insurance policy to reimburse you. Everything goes through the insurance company, and we keep them updated on your treatment, so you only have to focus on what’s most important. YOUR RECOVERY!

We understand that traveling after sustaining a work injury can be difficult and expensive. Many people don’t realize that workers’ compensation may cover their travel and lost wage expenses. At Medical Care of WNY, our experienced workers comp doctor will provide all of the necessary documentation our patients need to submit to their insurance companies to get the compensation they deserve while they undergo care at our office.

We also understand that the cost of travel isn’t the only consideration when dealing with a work injury. When you’re injured, you want to avoid traveling to multiple offices and having to schedule different appointments with different doctors. It can be overwhelming and we get it. You are in pain, and the idea of driving from one end of Western New York to the next is almost too much to bear. It’s also a huge drain on your time and you’d likely rather be Netflix and chilling. That’s exactly why so many patients choose our multi-disciplinary practice when seeking help for their work injuries.

We have everything you need for diagnosis and treatment under one roof. Our workers comp doctor can provide treatment for:

Medical Care of WNY offers multiple specialists under one roof, making it easy for you to receive the proper care you need without having to travel to multiple different offices. Also, since all of your treatment takes place in a single location, all of your workers’ compensation paperwork will also be in one place, making the claims process and communication with your attorneys much easier. That’s especially important if you are waiting for reimbursement for lost wages and travel expenses. Our workers comp doctor can provide all the paperwork you need to help expedite that process and get you reimbursed in a timely manner.

Our patients also rave about our newly renovated office located in the Parish Commons Building. Our modern medical office is calming and relaxing and will put you in the right frame of mind to initiate the healing process and start you on the road to recovery.

Don’t wait any longer before seeking treatment for your work-related injury. Contact us for an appointment today. We offer treatment modalities designed to facilitate your road to recovery. Our multifaceted approach to treating injuries can help you put your work injury in the rearview mirror. Schedule an appointment with a dedicated workers comp doctor at Medical Care of WNY and let our experience work for you.

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