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Accident Doctor in Buffalo, NY

As humans, accidents are expected. From car accidents to accidents at work, getting injured is possible in practically any situation. However, it’s what you do right after injury that is key to your healing and treatment process. If you were in an accident and put off treatment thinking your pain or injury will get better on its own, you risk putting more strain on yourself and worsening the current state of the injury. Finding an accident doctor is key to ensuring your body heals in the way it’s supposed to. Medical Care of WNY can be your accident doctor in Buffalo, NY.

Car Accident Doctor in Buffalo, NY

The most common type of accident doctor is a car accident doctor. There are other accident physicians for different situations like getting injured at work, but these are known as worker’s compensation doctors rather than accident doctors. Accident doctor typically only refer to those that happen when in a vehicle. Over 3 million people in the United States sustain an injury from being involved in a car accident every single year.

With so many people and injuries, there’s no wonder why specialized accident doctors are desired throughout the country. While some injuries caused by car accidents are mild, others are severe, and depending on the individual injury you have your treatment process can vary significantly.

Possible Injuries from Accidents

There are thousands of types of injuries that someone can potentially sustain just from getting into a car accident. One common injury from accidents include whiplash. Whiplash is an injury of the muscle, tendons, and / or ligaments, often in the neck, that are harmed due to a quick jolt in a single direction. In this circumstance, one or more parts of your body would be rapidly jerked at a speed your body wouldn’t normally be able to reach on its own. Treatment for whiplash includes rest, pain relievers, ice, and possible physical therapy if the condition is serious enough.

Another common accident injury is a TBI, or traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries often occur due to the hitting of the head on an object or collision into something else. It’s like a more severe version of a concussion. TBI’s can cause very varying symptoms, and treatment may involve rest, medication, and even surgery if severe.

A third and final common injury that an accident doctor may see is broken ribs or bones. When an airbag goes off, or where there is a collision with an object into your body, bones may break. Depending on the bone that broke, you may require a cast, rest, surgery, or a combination of treatments. Additionally, physical therapy may be recommended afterwards.

These are not all injuries possible through accidents, so it’s vital you reach out to an accident doctor to discuss your treatment options.

Don’t Rely on Your Primary Care Provider

When you experience an injury from an accident, it’s important to consider whether your primary care provider is capable of handling your injury. Primary care providers often don’t treat accident injuries, and these traditionally require a specialist. Therefore, when you get injured in an accident, don’t rely on your primary care physician. Instead, seek out an accident doctor like us at Medical Care of WNY.

Here, our accident doctor is specialized and trained in treating accident injuries. This way, you’ll be in the best hands. During your appointment, we’ll review your condition, determine your injury, and develop a treatment plan based off physician findings. Instead of living in pain, contact Medical Care of WNY to kickstart your healing today.

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