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Sports Physical Therapy Treatment in Buffalo, NY

Whether you play a sport for recreation or professionally, the likelihood of you falling susceptible to injury is high. Our bodies, though they thrive on high performance, tend to become injured upon repetitive motions and tasks. If you ever become injured during a sport or activity, you may require physical therapy afterwards. This will allow your muscles and bones to heal properly. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may require varying amounts of treatment. Because sports physical therapy is a deep topic, we’ve outlined some key information regarding the process below.

What Is Sports Physical Therapy?

Sports Physical Therapy is a branch of physical therapy that specializes in common sports injuries and issues.

Generally, physical therapy is used to improve movement and manage pain after sustaining an injury. It deals with both musculoskeletal and neuromuscular rehabilitation, thus allowing your bones and muscles to heal and acclimate to your body properly.

Physical therapists themselves are experts in their field, and they train extensively to familiarize themselves with parts of the body that experience the most pain during injury. There are many common causes of sports injuries, so sports physical therapists also tend to help their patients understand how to prevent getting hurt again when playing.

Causes of Injuries that require Sports Physical Therapy

Because sports injuries can be complex, they are often difficult to diagnose immediately. As time passes, though, the true extent of the injury can become clearer. As mentioned above, there are many causes of sports injuries, but some are seen more frequently than others.

The first most common cause of receiving a sports injury is jumping. Jumping adds a lot of strain onto your legs, especially the legs and feet. If not properly stretched out, or if you happen to land in an odd position, you can seriously injure your lower half.

A second common cause of injury is running. Similar to the reasoning above, running puts extensive stress on the knees and ankles. Additionally, it puts you in a position to fall, and if you fall you put other body parts, like your wrists, at risk.

The third and most common cause of sports injury is from heavy lifting and over exertion. The more added weight you put on your body, the more likely you are to experience pain and harmful symptoms. When you’re playing sports, to avoid harming your body, make sure you stretch and pay attention to the form that your sport requires.

Common Injuries that Require Sports Physical Therapy

Because there are so many sports and a large number of moving parts within the human body, there are surely many areas that can go wrong when overexerted. Some injuries in sports are more common than others, as they involve frequent repetitive motions or common accidents.

The first most common injury that typically requires sports physical therapy are fractures. A fracture is an incident where a part of the bone breaks due to trauma or overuse. There are different types of fractures that are classified depending on the way that the fracture occurred and appeared.

For example, a hairline fracture is a partial fracture of the bone, while an avulsion fracture occurs after a ligament or muscle pulls on and breaks the bone. Other than a fracture, muscle strains are common ailments that tend to require physical therapy. This is because the muscle tends to distort and become looser.

Sports physical therapy helps strengthen and regrow the muscle so it’s healthy again. Ultimately, there are so many common sports injuries that can occur, and sports physical therapy can help all of them.

Fix Your Injury Today

If you’ve suffered a sports injury and are having trouble finding a great sports physical therapist, Medical Care of WNY can help.

We have licensed physical therapists on staff that specialize in sports injuries, so you can be sure you’re in the best hands.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about sports physical therapy in Buffalo, NY.

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