Infertility: Diagnosing and Moving Forward

Infertility Diagnosing & Moving Forward Buffalo OBGYN Women Health

Many women experience infertility. It can feel devastating to struggle to get pregnant. Not everyone who struggles with conceiving is going to walk away with an infertile diagnosis. To learn more, please call our office right away. We would like to get you in for an appointment to get some answers for you.

How is Infertility Diagnosed?

Before you get into the testing portion of learning about your fertility, your doctor is going to try to troubleshoot your fertility issues. There may be some suggestions from your doctor that ultimately lead you to conceive. This happens first because testing can be in-depth and invasive, so if it can be avoided, it will.

Once it is determined that testing is needed, you and your GYN doctor will devise a plan to assess the potential issues.

Everything typically starts with a physical in the office. We can test to see if you ovulate. We can also see how many eggs you have as well as the quality of those eggs. This is called ovarian reserve testing. Sometimes a doctor will also order bloodwork for other hormones in your body to check your thyroid levels.

One test involves injecting contrast into your uterus to see if it leaks out of your uterine tubes. This will show whether or not there are blockages in your tubes. Sonograms are also used to help diagnose infertility. A more invasive method is used when necessary. You might have laparoscopic surgery to investigate your reproductive system.

What If I Am Diagnosed as Infertile

If you have some fertility issues, that does not necessarily mean it is the end of your journey to becoming a parent. Before you start looking into adoption or giving up on the idea of becoming a parent, you can explore the options of IVF with your doctor.

IVF can be a solution for someone who has issues with their uterine tubes, thin uterine lining, or their partner’s sperm mobility. The medication that you are given can aid the conception of your embryo.

There are also instances of people who have had miscarriages for years but eventually end up delivering a healthy baby when they least expect it.

The best person to talk to about your fertility journey is a GYN. We would be happy to talk to you right away.

Call Our Office Today to Set Up an Appointment

If you want to know more about infertility, please do not hesitate to contact our office to set up an appointment. With knowledge, there is power. It’s best to know sooner than later about your fertility. We can help you learn about your body and come up with a plan to move forward.

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