Types of Hip Injuries

Types of Hip Injuries Buffalo Doctors Chiropractors Free Consultation

Hip injuries are not exclusive to old age. Just like any other joint in your body, an accident or overuse can cause injuries to your hips. We know how much this type of pain can hold you back.

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The following details the types of hip injuries that we can treat.


Bursitis is one of the most commonly treated hip injuries we see in our office. This condition is when you have sacs of fluid in the hip joints. They can inflame in a way that makes the joint very painful. You can get an injury like this from overusing the hip joint. If you are a cyclist, you are up and downstairs a lot, on your feet all day, etc. you can end up with bursitis.

After some time of suffering bursitis, you can experience one leg being shorter than the other.

Again, this is quite a painful condition. The pain can radiate from the hip to the thigh. It might feel like an achy kind of pain that hinders you from movement.

Physical therapy can be an effective treatment option along with other treatments that we provide.

Torn Labrum

There is a part of your hip joint that is covered in soft tissue. That soft tissue is called the labrum and when it tears, it can be very painful. These types of hip injuries occur when there is trauma to the area. It might also happen when you have degenerative health conditions or issues with the structure of your hip joint.

The pain usually felt with a torn labrum can vary. You might feel stiff in your hip. You might also feel unstable when you are walking. Sometimes people hear their joint clicking when they move it.

Hip Strain

If you have a strained hip, it is likely from an injury. This could have happened during sports or throughout your day-to-day life.

As with any strain or injury that you have, you can start with at-home care. Mayo Clinic suggests getting rest, using OTC pain relievers, and ice or heat on the area. You would want to ice for 15 minutes at a time to relieve pain temporarily. You would use heat to relax the muscles if you are preparing them to stretch.

For this type of acute injury, we urge you to get in to be seen right away. If you ignore your symptoms, you are going to make the injury worse. Without treatment, you will experience limited mobility and weakened muscles. Sometimes this is accompanied by swelling.

Hip Instability

Sometimes this is not like traditional hip injuries, but it is from a birth defect that you might not notice until your adulthood. Other times you can have subluxations of the hip joint that causes it to be unstable.

We have physical therapists at our office who perform manipulations of the joints to create evenness that can relieve pain and help with hip stability.

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