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Dedicated Gynecologist in Buffalo NY

As a female, you’ve likely had to visit, or will have to visit, a gynecologist at some point. Gynecologists can ensure your reproductive health are up to proper standards. Finding a gynecologist that you’re comfortable with is key, as they’ll be discussing some of your most personal life details with you. You deserve to feel content with any physician you are treated by. Regardless of your age or sexual status, a visit to a Gynecologist in Buffalo NY can help you prevent any potential reproductive issues in the future.

What is a Gynecologist

A gynecologist is a physician who specializes in caring for female reproductive organs and general health. Though this is their specialty, because they are doctors and went through the professional training to do so, they are capable of addressing your other health concerns like mental health issues, blood work, referrals, and prescription fills.

A gynecologist is vastly knowledgeable in female reproductive health including areas not limited to the uterus, ovaries, and breasts. Regardless of what stage you are in your life, you could benefit from a visit to the gynecologist.

What Procedures Can a Gynecologist Perform

Gynecologists are highly trained and licensed to perform a variety of procedures to test your reproductive health. These include but are not limited to conducting pap smears, ultrasounds, mammograms, colposcopies, biopsies, STI tests, and more. Traditionally, these are considered diagnostic tests performed, but many gynecologists also elect to perform surgical tasks.

These surgical areas could include laparoscopy, minor surgeries like sterilization, major surgeries like fibroid removals from the reproductive organs, and traditional post-operative care and the treatment of conditions as they arise. The most qualified Gynecologist in Buffalo NY will have their full 8 years of training and be certified by an examining body allowing them to perform all of the aforementioned procedures.

When to Visit a Gynecologist

There are many reasons that women should consider visiting a gynecologist. It is traditionally recommended that females first start visiting one between the ages of 13 and 15, as this is the age at which the reproductive system begins to function fully.

After that initial visit, it is recommended that an annual wellness visit is scheduled to check for the general health and maintenance of your reproductive organs. In addition to this, any time you experience any concerns or symptoms such as pelvic pain or abnormal bleeding from the uterus, a visit to the gynecologist is recommended.

What to Expect When Visiting a Gynecologist in Buffalo NY

Depending on your purpose for visiting a gynecologist, you could experience different outcomes. However, each time your appointment will begin with a conversation with your doctor where you discuss your health and any conditions you’re experiencing. This is then followed by a physical examination and a series of tests based upon what your doctor recommends.

An annual visit could include a pap smear and mammogram. If you have any fears, questions, or concerns about what to expect during your visit with your Gynecologist in Buffalo NY, it’s best to discuss them with your physician, as they can talk to you about what you should expect in more detail.

Finding the Best Gynecologist in Buffalo NY

If you’re ready to find a new Gynecologist in Buffalo NY, the search for one you’re comfortable with can seem difficult at first. However, with Medical Care of WNY, our highly educated staff will ensure your experience is relaxed and pleasant. If you have any concerns prior to or during your appointment, we’ll happily discuss them with you. After all, your physical and mental health are our top priority.

To schedule an appointment with the best Gynecologist in Buffalo NY, call or visit Medical Care of WNY today!

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