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Injuries are common for everybody everywhere. The human body is not built to withstand certain stressors, so sometimes it falls susceptible to injury or illness. It does not care where, in terms of proximity, this injury takes place. Because of that, work-related injuries are common. The majority of the population typically spends most of their day at work, meaning they are more likely to get injured there than anywhere else. This is especially true for those working in more dangerous situations like factories and warehouses. Regardless of the injury you sustain at work, your employer is responsible for handling medical expenses and compensate you for time taken off work if you were hurt or fell sick from the job. This is known as workers’ compensation. Because there’s a lot to know about workers’ compensation, we’ve compiled information about work-related injury doctor who accepts this compensation, below.

Workers’ Compensation Regulations

All states require that employers follow workers’ compensation rules and regulations. This means that regardless of how the injury took place or what specific injury was sustained, medical bills and compensation of time must be provided, free of cost, for the injured or ill employee.

Occasionally, the coverage will be provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, or the DOL. Workers’ compensation is a great way to ensure that if you get harmed doing your job, you’ll be supported by your employer.

Common Work-Related Injuries and Work-Related Injury Doctor

Some work-related injuries are more commonly seen than others. Three of the most common work-related injuries are concussions, broken bones, and any form of harm by machinery.

Starting with concussions, these are one of the most frequently seen injuries because of how it’s possible to sustain a concussion in a large variety of situations. Concussions occur when a force strikes the skull and causes brain shaking. Examples of when concussions are sustainable include items falling from supply closets overhead, boxes falling from warehouses, and even slipping or falling.

Speaking of slipping and tripping, these lead to broken bones and other various muscle injuries while on the job. If a person slips on a wet floor, falls over something, or gets caught on an object and falls, they may break a bone. Broken bones are painful, but they can thankfully be treated easily.

Final work-related injuries fall under machinery injuries. There are many factory jobs in the United States, and in these, heavy machinery is often used. If one malfunctions or if the machine was used improperly, this can lead to heavy bodily damage. Regardless of the injury that you sustain, you should know that work-related injury doctor are there to help you.

Do All Medical Offices Support Workers’ Comp?

After getting injured on the job, it’s important to know where you can go for workers’ compensation treatment. Not all medical providers support workers’ compensation, as this is often difficult for them.

There is a lot of paperwork that goes along with workers’ compensation, and the release of funds for workers’ compensation patients may take some time.

Instead of getting discouraged if you find out your regular physician may not accept workers’ compensation, look around! There are plenty of other medical offices with work-related Injury doctors, that do.

Locate a Work-Related Injury Doctor Today

If you’ve had a difficult time locating a workers’ compensation doctor who can provide you with relief after your work-related injury, fear no more. Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo is here to help you. We accept workers’ compensation and make sure all of our patients receive the necessary care in order to regain their health.

Be sure to call or visit us today to schedule an appointment to go over your injury or illness!

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