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As people are becoming more stationary in life, back pain and injuries are seemingly becoming more common. If you have chronic back pain that has lasted over a week, your physician will typically recommend you visit a physical therapist to identify and relieve your pain. Physical therapy helps body tissues and muscles stretch out and relax. This is especially important for the back, as this is one part of the body that often receives a lot of tension. While temporary measures like pain medication and temperature treatments can momentarily relieve the symptoms of pain, in order to completely remove the pain, the source of the issue must be treated first. To treat back pain, physical therapy may be necessary.

The Anatomy of the Back

There are many different types of back pain that a person can deal with. The back is divided into three bone structure subsections which are cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. The cervical spine is at the top of the neck to the top of the back.

The thoracic spine is the entire midsection of the back, and the lumbar spine is the lower back. This is typically how physical therapists classify the region where your back pain is.

Back Injuries that Cause Pain

Back injuries are very common experiences for the human body. That’s because the majority of your weight and functions are supported by your spine and back muscles. Because of this, there are many different kinds of injuries that can cause pain. Some of the most frequently seen back injuries include muscle strains, herniated discs, and scoliosis.

Muscle strains are the most common temporary cause of back pain that require physical therapy. These occur when a muscle or multiple muscles are stretched or torn in such a way that it hurts to move or add pressure. Muscle strains can occur from overusing the muscle, stretching improperly, or muscle fatigue.

A second injury that can lead to back pain is known as a herniated disc. Your back has spinal discs between each vertebra of the back. When one herniates, the softer center portion is forced out of the tougher exterior and can result in nerve pain.

A third common reason for back pain is seen with scoliosis. Scoliosis is the sideways curvature of the spine, often from a young age. This can lead to pain, as your muscles are always compensating for weight distribution.

Regardless of the kind of injury that you have, you can benefit from physical therapy.

How to Treat Back Pain with Physical Therapy

Depending on what is causing your pain, there are various ways or methods to treat back pain. There are over the counter pain medications and heating pads, but to truly treat pain, a physical therapist may be necessary. When you go to physical therapy, your therapist will identify what aspect of your back is harmed and create a treatment plan with exercises and features to follow.

Some common back pain exercises include wall sits, press-ups, and pelvic tilts. Treating back pain can take an extended period of time, so be sure to stick with any physical therapy or exercise regimen you partake in. If you don’t, the symptoms may return and your condition could continue to worsen.

Visit a Physical Therapist for Back Pain

If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, consider attending or scheduling an appointment with a physical therapist.

One of the best physical therapist offices in the Buffalo region is Medical Care of Western New York. Here, we provide individualized care for each and every patient we have, because we know that pain is different for everyone.

If you’re struggling with back pain and would like to schedule an appointment to meet with us and discuss your options for physical therapy, contact us today!

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