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If you have consistent pain in your lower back or legs, you may have a herniated disc. If you have a herniated disc, you may be feeling a radiating, sharp, or tingling pain down either one or both of your legs, and this pain can sometimes travel to your feet. The same pain may also be found in your arms. To compare, it may feel like an electric shock traveling through your aforementioned body parts, and the pain may be felt regardless of whether you’re sitting, standing, or walking. Clearly, herniated discs are not pleasant injuries to live with. If you believe you may have a herniated disc, it’s important to visit your doctor for a diagnosis. If not treated properly, it can result in permanent nerve damage. To understand a herniated disc more and treatment options for you, read below.

What is a Herniated Disc?

As mentioned above, we now know that a herniated disc can cause a severe amount of pain and could lead to permanent damage. But what exactly is a herniated disc, and how does it occur? Before understanding this, it’s important to consider the structure of the spine.

Essentially, the spine consists of vertebrae, and in between each vertebra are discs. These discs act as the shock absorbers for the spine and hold the vertebrae together. These discs have a soft internal and a tougher exterior.

Essentially, herniated discs occur when this soft internal of the disc bubbles out and eventually breaks through a portion of the weakened tougher exterior. This irritates the nearby nerves and causes pain and discomfort. Depending on the severity of the herniated disc, different treatment methods like medication, physical therapy, or even surgery. Before understanding these treatments, consider how you could sustain a herniated disc.

Ways that People Sustain a Herniated Disc

Most of the time, it’s unknown as to why a herniated disc occurs. Based upon research, it has been identified that herniated discs typically occur from aging. As people gradually age, their bodies can begin to wear down. This wear down is known as disc degeneration and is essentially just the breakdown of the body.

When the discs are weaker, lifting heavy objects or twisting and turning in odd ways may encourage a disc to herniate. Regardless of the reason that a herniated disc is sustained, it’s important to recognize that there are treatment options for you.

Physical Therapy for a Herniated Disc Treatment

If the herniated disc isn’t severe enough to require surgery, your doctor may recommend you receive physical therapy. Even if surgical measures are recommended, physical therapy will likely be required after your healing time is complete.

When receiving physical therapy for a herniated disc, your therapist will likely walk you through a set series of exercises and stretches to help regain your strength, retrain your muscles, and treat the issue at hand.

Additionally, passive treatments like deep tissue massages, hydrotherapy, and using hot and cold compressions may help relieve pain. Because a herniated disc is a painful issue, it’s best to stick to physical therapy exercises for at least six weeks, or until your therapist recommends.

Visit a Physical Therapist Today

If you are suffering from a herniated disc and want to feel relief, it may be best to visit a physical therapist. Therapists can curate a treatment plan specific to you and your pain in order to lessen the stress on your body and retrain your muscles.

If you’re in search of a top-notch physical therapist in the Buffalo area, Medical Care of WNY can help. Be sure to call or contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment and discuss what we can do for you.

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