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Looking for a Workers’ Comp Doctor in Buffalo?

You may have heard of a workers’ comp doctor, but you may be unfamiliar with what services they actually provide and what qualifies as workers’ comp. It happens – people get injured. Injury is possible everywhere, but getting hurt at work is more common than you might realize. After all, most adults spend the majority of their time at work. This increases the likelihood of becoming harmed on the job regardless of whether or not your work environment may seem dangerous. If you’re one of the many people who have managed to get injured on the job while at work, there is tons of information about workers’ comp doctor that you should make yourself aware of. Because of this, we’ve compiled the most important information regarding workers’ comp below!

What is Worker’ Comp?

Workers’ comp, otherwise known as workers’ compensation, is a form of accident insurance that is paid directly by the employer. This means that no deductions are taken from any employee salary to receive this – it’s mandated within every state’s workers’ laws.

Essentially, workers’ compensation covers medical care from a workers’ comp doctor and wage-loss compensation to those who were injured or fell ill on the job. Benefits are traditionally paid by a private insurance company or state-run workers’ comp fund.

If you have been injured or gotten sick on the job and want to receive workers’ compensation, you must first identify whether you qualify for workers’ comp or not.

Who Qualifies for Workers’ Comp?

It’s important to recognize that not every employee will always be covered by state workers’ compensation insurance. Those that are not, however, are typically covered by the U.S. Department of Labor, otherwise known as the DOL.

These provide medical treatment, wage replacement benefits, rehabilitation, and benefits to family members if the individual injured succumb to their injuries.

Regardless of this information, it’s important to know that workers’ comp can mean a lot of things. Whether you slipped and fell at your job, or if you’ve been surrounded by toxic chemicals and now have lung damage after years of inhalation, workers’ compensation should benefit you.

For more information about workers’ compensation, talk to your employer. If you were injured to the point where you are in search of medical assistance, you should locate a medical provider that supports workers’ compensation benefits as soon as possible. This way, you’ll get a head start to healing.

Do All Medical Providers Support Workers’ Comp?

The short answer is, no. Not all medical providers support workers’ compensation. That’s because there is often a lot of rules, regulations, and paperwork that goes into caring for an injured worker.

For example, your regular physician may not treat injured workers due to the rules and payment process for doing so. Because of this, you may believe that finding a safe, supportive, and effective medical care provider that accepts workers’ compensation. Lucky for you, there are plenty!

Visit a Workers’ Comp Doctor Today

If you’re having a hard time locating a medical professional that will care for an injured worker and accepts workers’ compensation, look no further!

Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo openly welcomes all injured workers and ensures they get the care they need. Instead of feeling stressed and living in pain with your injury or illness, contact us today to schedule a consultation with an experienced Workers’ Comp Doctor.

We’ll go over your injuries or illnesses and identify a course of action for treatment that has your best interest mind. Be sure to call or visit us today to set up an appointment and discuss how we can help you live a more comfortable life!

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