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Construction Accident Doctor in Buffalo, NY | Medical Care of WNY

How Can A Construction Accident Doctor Help?

According to The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) construction workers have some of the most dangerous work conditions of any job in the country. Day in and day out, they deal with heavy machinery, electrical equipment, high elevations, and hazardous materials. Most people are unaware that in the United States, every 7 seconds, a worker is injured on the job. When someone is injured on a construction site, it’s important to find an experienced construction accident doctor to help provide the necessary diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation you need to get your life back on track after an injury.

At Medical Care of Western New York, we make the entire work injury process easy for you, from start to finish. We aren’t just a team of medical professionals. We are your partner in treatment and recovery.

It’s normal to feel a flurry of emotions after a work injury, but Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo can help you get back on your feet without any cost to you. When you see a construction accident doctor at our office, your company’s workers’ compensation policy will cover your treatment. That means you can get the treatment you need without dipping into your bank account.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work?

New York requires that companies carry workers’ compensation coverage, with exceptions for federal employees, clergy members, and volunteers. Workers’ compensation policies cover occupational diseases and injuries, including cuts, amputations, bone fractures, sprains, and other injuries that require more than first aid. If you have such an injury, it’s essential that you get treatment immediately. Failure to do so could lead to a more serious injury and more time off work.

We are an authorized workers’ compensation health care provider, so workers’ compensation has to pay for all necessary and reasonable medical treatments. Our construction accident doctor will provide the treatment and receive payment from the insurance company that issued the workers’ compensation policy. You do not have to pay up front and wait for the workers’ compensation insurance policy to send a payment. Everything goes through the insurance company, so you only have to focus on one thing. Getting better.

You also might be eligible for travel and lost wage reimbursement from workers’ compensation. Proper documentation by your construction accident doctor is needed to ensure you receive reimbursement for lost wages and expenses. We have treated patients for many work-related injuries, and we will provide all the necessary documentation to support your claim. We can also help you submit your claim to speed up the reimbursement process.

We understand that dealing with a work-related injury or illness is stressful, so we do everything possible to alleviate that stress. From filling out and filing paperwork to helping you recover as quickly as possible, a construction accident doctor can make the process easy for you.

What Treatments Are Available For My Construction Accident Injury?

Payment isn’t always the only concern when seeing a construction accident doctor. You are probably also concerned about traveling from one location to the next to receive proper treatment. You are in pain, and the idea of driving from one end of Buffalo to the next is almost too much to bear. It’s also a huge drain on your time and an unpleasant experience overall.

That’s why so many people choose Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo when seeking a construction accident doctor for your work-site injuries. We have everything you need for diagnosis and treatment under one roof. That includes:

  • Acute Primary Care
  • MRI (offsite)
  • X-ray
  • Bone scan (offsite)
  • Neurodiagnostic testing
  • Electromyogram
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain management
  • General practice medicine

Aside from a construction accident doctor, our medical office has multiple specialists under one roof, we make it easy for you to receive the proper care. Since you only have to go to one office for treatment, all of your workers’ compensation paperwork will also be in one place, making the claims process much easier. That’s especially important if you are waiting for reimbursement for lost wages and travel expenses.

We don’t just provide all the necessary treatments in one place. Our patients also love our newly renovated office located in the Parish Commons Building. Our modern office is calming and relaxing and will put you in the right frame of mind to heal.

Schedule A Consultation With A Construction Accident Doctor at Medical Care of WNY

Don’t wait any longer before seeking treatment with a construction accident doctor. Contact us for an appointment or stop by our office. We accept walk-ins, and no one is turned away for treatment.

We can provide treatment modalities designed to facilitate the road to recovery. Our multifaceted approach to treating injuries can help you put your work-related injury in the rearview mirror. We hope that it will be a distant memory in no time at all. Schedule an appointment with our construction accident doctor in Buffalo, NY.

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