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Work Accident Doctor in Buffalo, NY

Most people in the world work. Regardless of the job at hand, injuries on the job can happen, and they more common than you might think. Even those that are the safest and most prepared at work can can find themselves in need of a work accident doctor. Because there are so many different kinds of injuries that can happen on the job, we’ve decided to put together a list of the most common work injuries that a person can sustain while on the job. Keep reading to learn more.

Trips, Slips, and Falls:

Easily classified as one of the most common work injuries, trips, slips, and falls can happen to nearly everybody. This can occur due to a slippery surface or a lack of awareness for your immediate surroundings at that time. Regardless of the reason that you happen to slip or fall, the outcome can be dangerous.

You may hit your head, or you may injure a part of your body after landing on it. Additionally, if your ankles and feet happen to be sensitive, you may be susceptible to strains or sprains after doing so. If you don’t get these injuries checked out when they first occur, you may cause additional harm onto yourself.

Thus, if you believe you may be injured in some way due to a fall or spill, be sure to visit work accident doctor at Medical Care of Western New York.


Depending on where you work, there could be concern of falling objects around you. Concussions are most common work injuries. Such cases often happen if you work in a warehouse, construction site, or a factory of some sorts. Though these workplaces are most common for falling objects, even this form of issue can happen in the typical company job.

For example, objects falling from top shelves of supply cabinets, or items falling off of pantry shelves, are more common than you may think. Regardless of where you work at the time of the item falling, those that get hit could suffer from a concussion or other variation of head injury.

A concussion happens when the head is shook in a way that a portion of the brain may become hurt or irritated. Concussions can result in some nasty side effects including headache, excessive dizziness, and lack of memory. If not treated or recognized in a timely manner, the effects of a concussion can only worsen. If an object falls on your head, it’s best to be safe and seek professional care from an experienced work accident doctor at Medical Care of Western New York.

Crashes and Collisions:

The third and most common workplace injury relates to crashes and collisions. This is especially true for those that work for driving companies, construction companies, and trucking businesses.

Freak accidents may happen, and one car, regardless of fault, may collide with another and cause damage to the driver or passengers involved. When you’re exposed to a crash, you may experience whiplash and other tissue pains, muscular strains, lacerations and cuts, and even potentially broken bones upon impact.

This is one of the most dangerous and common work injuries that can happen, especially when working with heavy machinery. When you get into an accident, it’s vital to visit the doctor for an examination, as you may not experience physical symptoms of an underlying injury. That’s why it’s important to get checked out by an experienced work accident doctor right away to ensure there are no underlying injuries that may not be immediately presenting themselves.

Schedule An Appointment With A Buffalo Work Accident Doctor

If you’ve been injured in a work accident in Western New York, it’s important to get checked out by a medical professional. This way, you’ll be able to determine if there are any underlying issues that need resolving. Medical Care of WNY is a great place to help you throughout this process.

We specialize in all forms of common work injuries and we accept Worker’s Compensation Insurance. This means we can support you through your recovery, regardless of the extent of the injury. If you’ve acquired an injury while working, be sure to contact at Buffalo work accident doctor today to schedule an appointment for treatment.

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