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Weight Management & Nutrition Counseling in Buffalo, NY

Are you unhappy with the way you physically look or feel? Do you feel unable to complete the same tasks you once were? Is your energy level significantly lower than it once was? If you have an issue with your weight, you may benefit from weight management and nutrition counseling. In society, the number of those that are overweight or obese is increasing. In fact, according to a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, nearly 40 percent of Americans are classified as obese. Added weight can cause some serious health issues, so it’s best to get both your weight and health in check to avoid falling ill to sicknesses or injuries associated with being overweight. Because the process may be difficult to do alone, weight management and nutrition counselors are available for your help. Below, you’ll find all kinds of information about why weight loss is important, and how a weight management counselor can help you.

What Health Effects are Caused by Weight Issues?

Nearly every health condition you may experience is directly related to your weight and diet. In order to feel healthier and happier in life, losing weight and eating more nutrient-dense foods is essential. If you have weight issues, you are automatically more susceptible to developing Type 2 Diabetes, weak bones from a lack of calcium, heart failure and disease, high cholesterol, and a multitude of other effects.

If these conditions are not handled appropriately in a quick and speedy manner, they can spiral out of control and become worse for you. Thus, if you are growing or becoming overweight, it’s important to begin your weight management journey today.

How Can Weight Loss Affect Your Health?

Once you lose weight, your bodily functions begin to change for the better. That’s because you begin fueling your body with better nutrients, and you are becoming leaner and more comfortable with exercise. There are plenty of ways that weight loss can affect your health.

First of all, if you were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, your diet and exercise can reverse this in your body. This means that you don’t have to live with diabetes if you put in the time and effort to see amazing results.

A second example of how weight management counseling and weight loss can affect your health is seen with blood pressure. Often times, high blood pressure is caused by a buildup of plaque, which is a combination of fat and cholesterol, in the arteries. This narrows the arteries and causes the heart to work in overdrive to pump blood through an essentially smaller hole. Once your diet and lifestyle changes, this plaque can safely diminish and restore your arteries to normal circumference.

A third common way that weight loss can help your body is in your cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is a type of fat that is found in the blood. If your body’s cholesterol level is too high, your arteries could clog and cause either a heart attack or stroke. Both situations are life threatening. Once you begin losing weight, your cholesterol levels could drop significantly, thus increasing your expected lifespan.

Instead of living your life in a body that could potentially cause you harm in the near future, visiting a weight management counselor could help.

Get Your Weight Under Control Today by Weight Management Counseling

If you think that your health and life would benefit from losing weight, but you find the task too difficult to tackle on your own, Medical Care of WNY can help. We offer weight counseling to lead you down a positive path and get you back the life you deserve. Instead of living as you have, break the cycle and get healthy with weight management counseling today.

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    Looking for help to manage my diet and get my eating under control. Want to get to the reason I over eat (which I think is due to my childhood). But would liek to do it via zoom if possible as I live in the northtowns and don’t get to the city often.

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