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Sports make us all shine a bit brighter by allowing our bodies to reach their true potential. Incorporating your favorite sports into your day can help you lead a healthier and happier life. After all, who said a little competition isn’t healthy? Unfortunately, even if you love playing the game and are safe while doing so, sports injuries are common. After any injury, proper health care by an experienced sports injury doctor is vital to a full and fast recovery.

Even smaller injuries that may seem like they could heal on its own could potentially lead to further adverse health effects. Because of this, you should never ignore the signs of a sports injury! Some injuries are seen more frequently than others, and it’s important to recognize whether you may have one of these to practice early detection precautions. Below are some of the most common injuries our dedicated sports injury doctors see.

Sprains and Strains: Most Common Sports Injuries

Intense physical activity of any kind is hard on the body. While they a are great exercise and loads of fun, sports can and will lead to sprains or strains of your body, especially if you don’t properly warm up prior to your exercise. Proper warm up involves stretching and getting the body prepared for the activity that you’re about to exert.

Because sprains and strains are extremely common, they are therefore often overlooked. The discomfort and pain can be mitigated by a health care professional, nonetheless. When you feel intense pain in any part of your body after hard use, it is safe to assume you’ve got a sprain or strain. Be sure to apply first ice to reduce swelling and see an experienced sports injury doctor as soon as possible.

Fractures: Common Sports Injuries

While they are less common than the average sprain or strain, fractures are often most common sports injuries. Are more painful and last longer. Essentially, a fracture is a crack in your bone that is either caused by blunt force or gradual force. Both kinds typically occur during physical movements involved in sports, mistakes, or falls and spills.

There are many types of fractures that relate to the form of the injury and how you received it. For example, a comminuted fracture is when the bone shattered when the fracture occurred, and an avulsion fracture is one that is caused by a muscle or ligament cracking the bone.

It cannot be stressed enough that proper X-ray and casting is essential to the correct healing of your fractures. Revisits to your sports injury doctor before cast removal dates will guarantee your bones are good as new!

ACL Tears Are Common Sports Injuries

In more intense physical activities, ACL tears are commonly seen. The ACL, otherwise known as the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, is a strand of tissue that connects the knee to a bone in your leg.

These common sports injuries are often caused by a sudden twisting of the leg, especially if it results in you landing weirdly on your foot. The most common symptom associated with this is an immediate popping noise that comes from the knee area. If you suspect an ACL tear, it’s important and necessary to visit a doctor immediately, as these are considered one of the worst, if not the worst, sports injury possible.

These require surgical intervention in many cases and take a long time to heal properly. Be sure to visit a sports injury doctor to take the proper precautions after a knee injury like an ACL tear.

Visit A Sports Injury Doctor at Medical Care of WNY Today

If you suspect that you have some common sports injuries, it’s vital to talk to a medical provider for examination and treatment. If you don’t handle a sports injury properly to begin with, you may be susceptible to other painful issues in the future. At Medical Care of WNY, we have medical professionals that can help you through the healing process. Be sure to call or visit us today to schedule an appointment with a sports injury doctor and get your injury healed as soon as possible!

During COVID-19, we are only accepting patients by appointment only, so be sure to contact our office ahead of time to arrange an appointment.

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