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WNY Women’s Imaging

The female body is strong and capable of withstanding all types of conditions. However, just because a woman’s body is capable does not mean it is immune to harm. Because of this, it’s important that women over a certain age receive imaging and diagnostic treatment annually to ensure their health is up to par. The best WNY women’s imaging in Buffalo, can help prevent and detect an onset of a health condition related to the female body and reproductive system.

The Importance of Women’s Imaging

Women’s imaging is vital to the care of the female body. If you are a woman, imaging services can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your health is in good standing. Alternatively, if there are any issues that are developing within your body, getting imaging and diagnostic services specific to the female anatomy can help track and detect any alterations early on.

This way, if any issues do appear, they can be handled swiftly and appropriately. Some examples of issues that women can experience include breast cancer and other abnormalities like cysts and non-cancerous tumors. By receiving breast imaging, doctors are able to detect whether these issues are present, as they are most treatable in their early stages. Hence, it’s more beneficial to catch issues as they arise, and this is possible with modern women’s imaging.

Types of WNY Women’s Imaging

There are many types of imaging that women may receive. The most common forms include 3D or digital mammograms, breast ultrasounds, bone mineral density exams, and thyroid examinations. 3D and digital mammography is the process of using low-energy x-rays in order to examine what the internal structures and tissues of the breasts look like. This is key in identifying breast cancer and any irregular masses located in the breasts. 3D mammograms are more advanced and essentially capture the breasts from multiple angles which are then pieced together to form a 3D image of the internal structures. This process is more accurate than traditional mammograms. Next, breast ultrasounds are usually used after finding an irregularity on your mammogram. Ultrasounds help identify whether the irregular masses are solid or fluid filled which can help with the identification of the matter at hand.

Another important screening is through bone mineral density exams which test for bone strength and allow the early detection of osteoporosis.

Lastly, thyroid examinations can identify if you’re experiencing a hormonal fluctuation which can lead to varying menstruation, weight gain, muscle weakness, and a variety of other health issues. Regardless of what imaging you may need, it’s vital to get them performed to consistently track and monitor your health.

When to Have Imaging Performed

Women’s imaging should be performed whenever an issue is suspected and annually after the age of 40. These can be performed at a younger age as well, especially if there are any concerns or history of cancer in your family. If you are unsure of whether you’d benefit from having women’s imaging completed, it’s best to speak with your physician to discuss your concerns.

Comfortable WNY Women’s Imaging

When it comes to your body, you want to feel comfortable. Finding a physician that you feel comfortable with to perform imaging may seem like a chore, but the physicians at Medical Care of WNY can ensure you are cared for throughout the entire process.

Our friendly staff will answer any questions and concerns you have in a judgement-free manner. If you’re looking for the best WNY women’s imaging in Buffalo, contact Medical Care of WNY today to schedule an appointment.

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