What to Wear to Physical Therapy

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What to Wear to Physical Therapy

If you’ve never had physical therapy before, you may have a variety of questions prior to your first appointment. The key to feeling safe and comfortable throughout your appointments is being open to asking your physical therapist questions and voicing your concerns. One of the most common questions regarding first appointments is about what to wear to physical therapy. There are many recommendations that physical therapists have regarding what to wear, and if these are followed, you’re sure to have a seamless appointment.

What is Physical Therapy?

Prior to knowing what to wear to physical therapy, it’s important to understand what exactly physical therapy is. Physical therapy is the practice of easing pain and increasing functionality in the body. Often times it is medically recommended or necessary after injury or with disability, surgery, and old age. Because physical therapy is based on physical movement, you should prepare to be exercising the particular part of your body that is injured or in pain. This requires being ready for specific exercises that may be presented to you and wearing the proper clothing so that your actions are not inhibited in any way.

Typical Physical Therapy Exercises

There are hundreds of exercises that you might encounter during your physical therapy appointment. These all depend solely on the type of injury or pain that you sustained and the projected healing process of that injury. However, some are more common than others. These can be divided into categories including range of motion exercises, muscle strengthening exercises, coordination and balance exercises, and more. Your physical therapist will analyze the condition of your injury or pain and create a detailed physical therapy exercise schedule that will benefit you the most. In order to succeed fully in physical therapy, strength, dedication, and proper preparation – including regarding what you wear – are essential.

Best Clothing for Physiotherapy

While there is no standard uniform to wear while performing physical therapy, there are some pieces of clothing that are recommended over others. Typically, when you get physical therapy, you want to wear clothes that you’re comfortable in and those that won’t restrict your ability to move. If your range of motion is resisted, you may not be able to perform the exercises properly and this could inhibit your ability to excel. Some of the best clothes to wear are those that you’d imagine wearing to a gym. This includes flexible clothes like t-shirts, tank tops, tights, and sweatpants. Additionally, be sure your physical therapist will be able to access the area of treatment easily. For example, if you have a leg injury, make sure you can roll your pants up. As long as you wear clothes that are comfortable, able to be layered in case you get overheated, and non-restrictive, you’ll be prepared for your appointment.

Best Footwear for Physical Therapy

While clothing is important to consider when attending physical therapy, it’s not the only wearable feature that you should plan for. Footwear is also an important consideration. After all, physical therapy often requires standing and use of your legs, especially if you have a lower body injury. To prevent further injury or strain, avoid wearing flip-flops or sandals and gravitate towards sneakers with socks.

Finding a Physical Therapist

Locating a physical therapist that you feel fully comfortable with may seem difficult and time consuming, but Medical Care of WNY has you covered. Our kindhearted and knowledgeable staff will make sure all of your questions and concerns are answered prior to our first meeting. If you’re ready to schedule a physical therapy appointment in Buffalo with our staff at Medical Care of WNY, call us today.

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