Mobility Issues: Symptoms and Treatment

Mobility Issues Symptoms and Treatment Buffalo Physical Therapists

Are you experiencing mobility issues? This can put a huge damper on your life. We want you to start feeling and moving better as soon as possible. When you are ready to get back on your feet, please give us a call. We would be glad to get you set up with a free consultation with our Buffalo doctors.

We provide many treatments under the same roof that can help you move better. You do not have to live your life with these symptoms. Get relief right away when you work with our doctors to come up with a recovery plan.

Causes of Mobility Issues

There are several common reasons why you may experience issues with mobility. For one, it may be a neurological condition like MS that has you struggling with movement. Either the condition or the symptoms may have an impact on your mobility.

Getting on in years has been a leading cause of decreased mobility. As you get older, your joints have been through wear and tear. You heal slower, too. That can make for painful and limited mobility.

If you have suffered an injury, that can cause you to end up with limited mobility, especially if you are not working at improving your physical mobility while you are in recovery. You can end up worse for wear if you go through injury recovery without doing any physical therapy.

Obesity is a huge reason why people have trouble with mobility. When your body has extra weight on it in excess, it can cause a huge amount of strain.

We want to help you get better mobility. Please keep reading to learn more.

Symptoms of Mobility Issues

The term “mobility” issues is a fairly vague way to describe a wide range of symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms have to do with walking. If you have a weak leg or a foot that does not behave, that can be a mobility issue.

If your muscles are weak due to inactivity or you have trouble with tight muscles because you do not move enough, you are likely experiencing a mobility issue.

General issues can also include issues balancing, tiring too quickly, having your vision impacted, and more.

If you have been having trouble moving, you are likely eager to find a solution. We strongly advise seeking help right away. Please keep reading to learn how we manage the symptoms of a mobility issue. Give us a call for a free consultation when you are ready to get on track to feeling better.

Treatments for Mobility Issues

Physical therapy is the first line of defense against worsening issues with mobility. You are going to be encouraged to meet with a physical therapist to come up with a treatment plan. You can gain a lot from going to these sessions.

You can move more independently, your mobility can improve, and you can become more confident. Getting to a place where you don’t need to rely on others or walkers to get around can be the freedom you have been looking for.

Call Our Buffalo Doctors Today for a Free Consultation

Are you done dealing with mobility issues? We can help. Our physical therapists have many years of experience rehabilitating the Buffalo community. You do not have to live life feeling like you are immobile. You deserve to get moving again. Get back to enjoying your life. Call us today, and we would be more than happy to get you set up with a free consultation at our Elmwood office.

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