New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution Buffalo Nutrition Doctors Nutritionist

If you have big goals for the new year to lose weight, you are certainly not alone. Weight loss is a very common goal for many people in the U.S. every year. Gyms offer special promotions for the New Year. Celebrities endorse products. Grocery stores are full of people with brand new diets and brand new needs for their pantry.

According to a study, 48% of people in 2021 resolved to lose weight in the New Year. While this is a great goal for a lot of people who are struggling to get to a healthy weight, it takes some help.

When you bring on the help of a nutritionist for your New Year’s weight loss resolution, you do not have to guess what to do in terms of food. They can work with you all through 2022 to help you achieve your goals and possibly exceed your expectations. Please keep reading to learn a bit more about how to hit your goal weight.

Beware of Fad Dieting

Perhaps you have always been interested in the most popular diet that people are talking about at the moment. Maybe you are familiar with words like “keto” or “paleo” in terms of dieting. If you have tried a drastic diet in the past, lost weight, then gained it all back, that is referred to as yoyo dieting.

Yoyo dieting can be very discouraging. It can make you feel like everything you try is going to fail. However, we caution you against trying the most fashionable diet you have heard about this year.

Unless you have health restrictions, you do not need to start cutting out things like carbs or fats, or sugars. When you do fad diets, they are usually restrictive which almost always ends in binging on the foods that you have withheld yourself from having.

You do not need to cut out gluten if you are not celiac or gluten intolerant. Gluten is not the reason people gain or lose weight. You may have previously tried cutting it out, and lost some weight, but that weight loss is typically due to how you have restricted yourself.

If you work with a Buffalo nutritionist, you will have guidance from someone who has studied how food impacts the body. They won’t be guessing which new diet is going to get you down 30 pounds. They work with you as your ongoing goals change and morph based on your progress. You are more likely to see long-lasting success with a nutritionist.

Learn Proper Form for Exercising

We know a lot of people are going to be rushing to the gyms in January after signing a contract with the new promos that the gyms are pushing. We fully endorse exercise. However, we caution you against jumping into it too fast and too hard.

We have had people come in who have been set back on their weight loss goals because they injured themselves. You might end up at our office, not for nutrition guidance first, but for physical therapy to help you heal an injury.

Start slow and do things with proper form or you may hurt yourself very badly, especially if exercise is new to you. For example, don’t immediately try to do 15-minute sprints on the treadmill. Start with an inclined walk and work your way up to jogging. Don’t immediately start trying to lift as heavy as you think you can. That is how you get hurt. Work your way up until you can comfortably complete a set. Make your workouts harder progressively and safely.

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