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Considering A Section 32 Settlement? Here’s What You Should Know

When you’re working, you are likely surrounded by a variety of situations that could potentially cause you harm. This is common in every workplace regardless of type. From objects falling off of top shelves to being exposed to chemicals, the opportunities for physical endangerment in the workplace are unfortunately endless. Luckily, there are ways to ensure you are legally covered in case of injury. One of these legal options is through a Section 32 Settlement. There is plenty of information to learn about this type of workers’ compensation, so before acting, make sure you understand all there is to know about the settlement process.

What is a Section 32 Settlement?

A Section 32 Settlement is a legally acceptable way of New York employers providing funds to pay for the injury of an employee. In these types of settlements, the injured worker and the insurance company of the employer come to a mutual agreement based on a one-time lump sum payment.

In return, the employee must resolve some, if not all, aspects of their case. Instead of receiving weekly stipends or payments for workers compensation, the terms of this one-time lump sum are detailed within a contract that must be approved by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. This is because Section 32 is found within a very specific subsection of the workers’ compensation laws of New York.

There are plenty of advantages of accepting a settlement, and it is often times more desired than traditional workers’ compensation.

Why Accept a Section 32 Settlement?

If you have the opportunity to accept a Section 32 Settlement, doing so may be the right decision for you. This is due to the variety of benefits that accepting a settlement can provide you with. First of all, when you go through with a workers’ compensation claim, there are often many litigations and debates required. Accepting a Section 32 Settlement will ensure that this debating can be bypassed, thus making the process easier and less stressful for you.

An additional benefit of a Section 32 Settlement is that you receive the payment as a single lump sum. This is often a better option for those with accruing medical fees to pay for, rather than waiting weekly for payments to release.

Lastly, accepting a settlement completely eliminates the chance that your claim could be lost at a hearing. This essentially guarantees you a form of payment.

What to Do After Accepting a Settlement

If you’ve accepted a Section 32 Settlement, you likely feel more comfortable in your ability to afford health treatments that you need. Finding a great medical center that can support you along this journey is essential. This way, you can feel content about getting all the appropriate treatments so you can get up and running again.

Regardless of the injury that you sustain, make sure you stay up to date on your medical care, as if you don’t you threaten your future health. Since your payment was provided to you in a lump sum, if you exhaust this money sooner rather than later, you could end up running into difficulties.

Be sure to find a New York medical center that supports you throughout your journey back to health.

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