What a Neck Pain Doctor Can Do for You

What a Neck Pain Doctor Can Do for You

Your neck does a lot of hard work. Sometimes you don’t realize just how much it does for you until you are in pain or you injure it. When you have neck pain, it can hold you back in many ways. Our neck pain doctor is here to help diagnose and treat you. We want to get you back to doing the things you love right away. Call us to set up an appointment.

Treatment for Neck Injuries

Neck pain is most often caused by neck injuries. We have a variety of different treatment options for you based on why you are in pain. Whether you need primary care or physical therapy, we have all of these services for you under one roof for your convenience. Many people benefit from holistic pain remedies.

Strained Neck

A muscle strain is a very common reason why you might need a neck pain doctor. Your neck has tendons and muscles that can only stretch a certain amount. If they get over-exerted, it can cause you to have strain from tearing. You might also refer to this as a pulled muscle in your neck. The level of pain that you feel from this can vary widely based on how badly you injured yourself. Sometimes it can be so painful that it will take you out of work.

If you have bad posture, lift something the wrong way, or work in a job with a lot of repetitive motions, you can end up with a strain.

If this injury is related to having been in a car accident, we would like to see you right away, especially if you feel anything like numbness or tingling.

Sprained Neck

Our neck pain doctor can treat you for a sprained neck if you have torn ligaments in your neck. This is a common injury for those who have been in a car accident where their neck unexpectedly snapped out of position. This injury often goes hand in hand with whiplash.

We also see these injuries in people who play contact sports like rugby, football, etc. You might start feeling numbness or tingling down your arms if you have a neck sprain. Once you start experiencing issues like this, we strongly advise you to call us right away.

Herniated Discs in Your Neck

You have vertebrae in your neck that, when injured, can cause a lot of discomfort. There are little discs between each vertebra that can become herniated. You may have heard that if you have a herniated disc, you will need surgery, and there is a chance that you may, but that is not how most cases of a herniated disc end. There are ways to give you relief that does not involve surgery. Our neck pain doctor can review these options with you when you reach out to us immediately.

Call Us Right Away

When you are being held back from living your life, you should call our office right away to come up with a treatment plan with our neck pain doctor. Get back to living your life how you want to without the hindrance of neck pain. Get in touch with us today.

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