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Making regular doctor appointments is important. You should see a primary care doctor annually but seeing a doctor specifically dealing in women’s care is just as important. Women have particular health needs that require doctors who specialize in them. If you are looking for Buffalo OBGYN doctors that you can trust with your health, please give our office a call to set up a free consultation.

Gynecological Care

Patients should start seeing a gynecologist in their mid-late teenage years. They likely will not require a pelvic exam until they are sexually active unless there is a pressing need to, such as abnormal bleeding, discharge, or pain. The first appointment with a gynecologist for a young girl is mostly to establish a relationship with their provider, so she feels comfortable with this care.

Our Buffalo OBGYN providers create a welcome and confidential environment for patients to be able to share necessary private information with our providers so that they can receive proper and sufficient care.

Once a woman becomes sexually active, she should anticipate visiting her gynecologist annually. Some women will need to be seen more often for abnormalities or conditions that require specialized care.

We can see women who are struggling to become pregnant. We can help patients who are dealing with cancer of the reproductive system. We can diagnose issues with reproductive organs such as PCOS, fibroids, PMDD, and more.

Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Women’s health includes prenatal as well as postnatal care. You can receive frequent care throughout your pregnancy and deliver your baby at the hospital with the doctors who have been providing you with prenatal care.

During your pregnancy, you will receive various tests for you and your baby. You will receive ultrasounds in all trimesters of your pregnancy. We use ultrasounds to give you confirm uterine pregnancy, diagnose miscarriages, give expected due dates, check for abnormalities, and monitor the baby’s health up until birth.

After you deliver your baby, we will see you for your postnatal care to ensure your health, both physical and mental. Becoming a parent is hard on your body. We are here to help you through this transitional process.

If you are pregnant or hope to become pregnant in the near future, please reach out to our Buffalo OBGYN providers today to get an appointment scheduled.

Procedures and Testing

We offer a wide range of procedures and testing for women from their teenage years and past menopause.

Women can come in for routine testing as well as specially ordered testing. We can do fertility testing, pregnancy testing, chromosomal testing for developing fetuses, and more.

Once a woman turns 21, we start Pap smear testing for abnormalities in the cervix. Pap smears done regularly can detect early signs of cancer.

We also perform STI testing to check for all types of commonly spread STIs. This should be done whenever you become sexually active with a new partner or if you have had unprotected sex.

Furthermore, we can do cancer screenings not just for cervical cancer but also for breast cancer. Adult women will be recommended to receive annual breast exams to check for abnormalities. Once women reach the age of 40, they should start to get annual mammograms.

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Taking care of your health is important. Finding a doctor that you can trust with such sensitive issues does not have to be hard. If you would like to set up an appointment with our Buffalo OBGYN doctors, we would be glad to take your call. We are conveniently located in the Elmwood village. Please give us a call right away to set up your first appointment with our dedicated, skilled, and caring doctors.

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