Why Choose Medical Care of WNY?

Medical Care of WNY at Buffalo is a traditional medical office dedicated to the treatment of adult patients using the most natural and least invasive approach. Whether the patient is in need of primary care, preventative care, injury/accident care, women’s health care and/or physical therapy, our staff is here to provide diagnosis and treatment.

Medical Care of WNY is fully committed to the following code of conduct to guide the appropriate, efficient and honorable operation of our office.  We require our professionals to abide by the spirit of this code that forms our commitment to the community.

We avow to provide medical care in accordance with these ethical principles:

  • Conducting ourselves in a moral and professional manner
  • Dedication to providing thorough and multifaceted medical care including follow up treatment; no patient will be denied necessary treatment
  • All reported information is valid, honest and comprehensive
  • Committing to learning, researching, advancing & applying up-to-date scientific knowledge
  • Exhibiting respect for all patients and abiding by confidentiality laws
  • Holding other professionals in high regard, access purposeful consultation & utilize their knowledge and perspective accordingly
  • Committed to advancing the community, encouraging patient education including issues pertaining to benefits, risks and costs of treatment
  • Strictly adhering to identifying the laws of Worker’s Compensation & No-Fault
  • Identifying malingering and non-malingering patients and providing counseling accordingly
  • Assuring all patients are diagnosed and treated with immediacy.

Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo

Medical Care of WNY at Buffalo - No-Fault & Workers' Compensation Doctors

Medical Care of WNY at Buffalo - No-Fault & Workers' Compensation Doctors

Why Choose Medical Care of WNY No-Fault & Workers' Compensation