Thyroid Treatment

Are you or a loved one diagnosed with a thyroid disease or disorder? These can lead to bigger issues down the line if not properly treated. Watch this video by Michael D. Calabrese, MD to learn about our thyroid treatment options to ensure you maintain optimal health. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about our thyroid treatment options.

Hi, Dr. Calabrese at Medical Care of Western New York. At Medical Care, we treat acute primary conditions, for example, heart disease, diabetes, as well as increased blood pressure. Also very important is thyroid disease. We take care of people that have thyroid, either hypo or hyperthyroid.

Some people are having problems with losing weight, fatigue, tired. The thyroid runs metabolism and could be the culprit. Please come in and have your thyroid checked; it’s very important. Have a great day.

If you or a loved one has a thyroid disorder and looking for thyroid treatment in Buffalo, please contact the dedicated primary acute care doctors at Medical Care of WNY and let us help ensure your thyroid levels are normal so you can maintain good health.

Watch our videos to learn more!