Establishing A Patient-Physician Relationship

Good morning, Dr. Calabrese here again at Medical Care of Western New York. Many patients and physicians have to develop a relationship. If they’re going to reach a better health, they have to have confidence in their doctor. The patient-physician relationship is very important to your overall health.

Today, I’d like to say just a couple words to you about our beautiful medical office and what patients are looking for. I think it’s very important to have a good doctor-patient relationship. In a doctor-patient relationship, I believe what the patient is looking for as well as the doctor, but mainly the patient is looking for sincerity, compassion, and the ability to listen to the injury or to the disease that we are trying to treat.

You want a doctor that listens to you. It’s so important to listen. If the patient is telling you something and the doctor is preoccupied with computers or whatever and not listening to your complaints, that’s a no-no, especially when it comes to listening to pain. You want a doctor that tries to get to know you, that knows your family, that knows the ins and outs of many of your lifestyles so that the doctor can develop programs and provide treatment modalities designed to facilitate the road to recovery.

You always want to encourage lifestyle changes. They’re very important. Many patients come in and they’re not sure of how to conduct their lives. Directing them on lifestyle changes is another important aspect of good health.

You want to be able to treat both serious and non-serious conditions. All in all, you want a partnership. You want to help the patients with their problems. It’s very important that as I stated earlier, that we understand each other, we are sympathetic to each other’s needs, and we grow together. Come in and see me. I’d love to help you establish a good patient-physician relationship.

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