Ankle Injuries

Did you or a loved one suffer an ankle injury in a car accident, sports accident, or work accident? Watch this video by dedicated Buffalo physical therapist Casey Calabrese to learn more about our available treatment for ankle injuries in Buffalo, NY.

Hi, my name is Casey Calabrese. I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy here at Medical Care of Western New York. If you’ve sustained an injury to one or both of your ankles in a car accident, sports injury, or work-related injury, please come on down. We have a lot of different techniques that we can use to help you if you are having difficulty with walking, ambulating, going up and downstairs, or just getting around on a daily basis. We’d love to see you, we’d love to evaluate you, and provide treatment modalities designed to facilitate the road to recovery. We hope to see you soon.

If you or someone you love injured their ankle and is looking to improve their strength and mobility so they can return to their normal activities of daily living, contact the dedicated Buffalo injury doctors at Medical Care of WNY today. Where healing happens.

Watch our videos to learn more!