Additional Services

The Parish Commons is the home to many other independent providers. As time goes on, the Parish Commons will continue to move towards its vision of creating a single location structure where one can come and have multiple health related services rendered to them in one single location. Along with all the services Medical Care of Western New York offers, the Parish Commons is also the home to the following businesses that provide additional services made available by other independent providers:


Phone: 716-881-7130
Fax: 716-855-2860
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8:30am-4:30pm- X-Ray & Bone Density
Ultrasounds are done only on Mondays and Fridays or by appointment

Aalto Dental Arts

Phone: 716-882-3232
Fax: 716-882-3236
Hours of Operation:
Monday- Thursday 9am-5pm

General Diagnostic Associates

Dr. Gary Smith

Phone: 716-686-0868
Toll-free: 888-568-0505
Fax: 716-686-0869

Hours of Operation:
Call for appointment

Main location
5660 Clinton St., Ste. 4
Elma, NY 14059