Buffalo Physical Therapy

Sometimes, physical pains and stressors can get in the way of completing our daily activities. When this happens, it’s easy to feel frustrated and seek a cure. If you are experiencing aches, pains, or are recovering from an injury, it may benefit you to visit a physical therapist. Physical therapists can help you find ways to manage your pain by curing the reasons for your symptoms. Finding a Buffalo Physical Therapy office may seem difficult at first, as there are many options to choose from, but of them all, Medical Care of WNY is the best choice.

What is Physical Therapy?

There are often a lot of misconceptions about physical therapy. For example, some people think that this treatment is only used for those who’ve had accidents or injuries. However, physical therapy is more expansive than that. A physical therapist is a person who is trained and licensed to diagnose issues of physical abnormalities, mobility, and functionality of the body.

In fact, not every health care professional is allowed to perform physical therapy, as you must legally be licensed to do so. Essentially, physical therapists help train, strengthen, treat, and evaluate bodily functions regardless of injury, disability, disease, or condition. This means that if you ever experience any issues with your physical body, a physical therapist in a Buffalo Physical Therapy office may be able to help.

Common Conditions Physical Therapists Can Treat

Because physical therapists can help treat the body’s physical function related to injury, disability, disease, and condition, there are plenty of specific examples to list. Some treatments are more common than others, though. The most commonly seen injuries treated by physical therapists include herniated discs, lower back pain, bursitis, and a variety of sprains and strains.

All of these conditions are osteo and muscular related, but physical injuries are not the only types that a Buffalo Physical Therapy office can help you with.

Other than physical injuries like these, physical therapists can treat cardiopulmonary conditions like cystic fibrosis, neurological conditions like strokes and spinal cord injuries, pediatric conditions like cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy, and even women’s health disfunctions like urinary incontinence and lymphedema.

There are plenty more conditions that physical therapists can treat, so if you’re wondering how they can help you, reach out to one and ask.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

After people begin participating in physical therapy, they typically experience a variety of benefits. After all, physical therapy is in the business of treating patients’ pains and injuries, so you’ll always leave your Buffalo Physical Therapy session with progress made towards your goal.

Some of the most common benefits reported by patients participating in physical therapy include pain management, recovery from injury or paralysis, improved mobility, improve balance, and better management of age-related problems and illnesses. Because the goal of physical therapy is to improve the state and wellbeing of your physical body, there are hundreds of benefits that you can experience after participating in physical therapy.

What to Expect

Prior to your first Buffalo Physical Therapy session, you may feel apprehensive if you’ve never experienced physical therapy before. However, it is important to keep in mind that there’s nothing to be worried about or afraid of. Physical therapists are there to help you feel better both physically and mentally.

During your first session you can expect to undergo a physical exam and evaluation first. Depending on the condition you’re looking to treat, this could vary from movement and flexibility tests to muscle and joint performance.

Your physical therapist will also likely ask you for your health history. Following the examination, they will create a treatment plan for you and provide you with self-management techniques.

Find the Best Physical Therapist

If you’re ready to experience the best Buffalo Physical Therapy, Medical Care of WNY can help you out. Regardless of the pain or condition that you’re experiencing, our trained and knowledgeable physical therapists will make you feel happy and healthier after each session.

To schedule an appointment for a consultation, be sure to call or visit us today!

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