Quit Smoking Today with Our Help

Quit Smoking Today with Our Help Quit Cigarettes Free Consultation

You may have once considered yourself a social user of cigarettes. Maybe you only really smoked them when someone else was, too. But over time, you have found yourself smoking more and more. If cigarettes have taken over your life, we can help you quit smoking. We would be happy to take your call today. We can get you set up with a free consultation right away. Contact us today to get started on starting your life over without cigarettes holding you back.

Being Pressured to Quit Smoking?

The beginning of your journey of being cigarette-free might come from the people around you. Perhaps you have a spouse, child, roommate, or partner who does not smoke and recognizes that you have a problem before you’re ready to accept it. There are over two million people in NYS who still smoke cigarettes.

If the pressure has gotten to you and you’re here to stop quitting for other people, that’s okay, but you need to do this for yourself as well.

People who share a living space have a right to a home without your secondhand smoke, but we are also going to encourage you to find reasons to quit smoking for yourself as well. Keep reading to learn why you should stop smoking for your own benefit.

The Negative Impacts of Smoking

A non-health-related reason for you to stop smoking is money. You likely spend a good deal of money on cigarettes. Perhaps you struggle to buy necessities because your cigarette habit is taking up too much of your budget. If you want to have more money in your pocket, quitting smoking is going to help a lot. People who smoke cigarettes on average spend over $2,200 annually on cigarettes. That could buy you a vacation!

You have likely heard of the health implications that smoking causes. The biggest risk you are putting yourself at with your smoking is lung cancer. This is painful cancer with high death rates and expensive treatment.

Other health issues you may face as a smoker are respiratory disease, dental issues, and cardiovascular disease which is the top killer in the USA. You may also experience reproductive impacts from smoking.

What Happens When I Quit Smoking?

We know that the idea of quitting can seem scary. You might react to this idea with a sense of anger. It can be tough to admit that you need to get rid of something that you are doing, but there are huge benefits.

Without constantly spiking your cortisol levels with nicotine, you can enjoy being able to feel truly relaxed. It does take time, so patience is important. You will be able to breathe easier. Your risk for disease will drastically drop.

Not only will you have better health, more money, and less of a risk for serious health problems, but you may also notice your relationships improving. Smoking can make you irritable and quick to anger. When people quit, they often report an improvement in their mental health and their relationships.

Call to Setup a Free Consultation Today

If you want to quit smoking, but you need help, please get in touch with us right away. We would be glad to meet with you for a free consultation to help you get started on getting your life back from your smoking addiction.

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