Alcohol Recovery in Buffalo, NY

We created a primary acute care program that is comprehensive and personalized for recovering alcoholics to identify their needs and promote their willingness to improve their lifestyle.

You have made the first step in getting your life back on track. You are clean and sober, and you have a new lease on life. You are working on repairing family ties and friendships, and now it’s time to work on your health. When you used alcohol, you likely didn’t consider going to the doctor for regular checkups. You’ve let your health decline, but it’s not too late to fix that. Just as you eliminated alcohol from your system, you can also get healthy starting today. Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo offers acute primary care for alcohol recovery for men and women who are serious about living clean and sober lives. We will help you achieve your long-term health goals as you maintain your sobriety. Medical Care of Western New York.

The Negative Effects of Alcohol

No one sets out to become an addict. It begins with a single use, and before you know it, the alcohol is in control and taking everything it can from you. Even if you are clean and sober now, you are likely still struggling with some of the negative effects of alcohol. You might have lost quite a bit, but you can get it back by maintaining a commitment to sobriety and following up with primary care medicine.

How Does Alcohol Impact Your Health?

Your health likely paid a price for your addiction. You probably didn’t get regular checkups when you were in the throes of addiction, so you might have high cholesterol, hypertension, uncontrolled diabetes, and other issues. People who abuse alcohol are also at risk for cancer, heart disease, and other serious health problems.

You might be afraid to get a checkup because you don’t want to find out if you have a health condition. Unfortunately, ignoring a condition will not make it go away. The only way to get better is to diagnose and treat the issue. Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo has a full range of diagnostic tools and specialists who can help you heal your body now that it’s free of substances.

How Does Alcohol Impact Your Relationships?

Experts call alcohol abuse a family disease, and that makes sense. When you drink to excess, your friends and family stand by helplessly, watching you fall further and further into the abyss. They are worried for you and want to help, but eventually, they might turn their backs because they don’t know what to do. It’s simply too painful for them to watch someone they love suffer from alcohol abuse.

You might think those relationships are beyond saving, but that’s not true. Now that you are sober, you can begin the process of repairing fractured relationships, but you need to get your health taken care of so you can enjoy your time with family and friends. Getting your health back in order will also show your loved ones that you are committed to living a long, happy, and healthy life. Talk to them about your journey toward good health to show the commitment you have to become the best person you can be.

How Does Alcohol Impact Your Financial Well-being?

When you abused substances, it was close to impossible to hold down a job. It’s likely that you are still dealing with the financial fallout from that period in your life. In fact, you might not have a job right now. This can make it difficult to take the next step in your journey toward sobriety.

Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo understands the difficulty recovering addicts have paying for treatment. That’s why we help with insurance and financial hardship assistance.

Help With Insurance or Hardship Assistance

If you are uninsured, Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo will help you file the necessary paperwork to get coverage for alcohol recovery. We can also recommend the right insurance coverage for you.

You also might be eligible for hardship assistance. This assistance can help you with medical bills and other expenses you encounter in your daily life. The staff at Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo will also help you file for this assistance if you are eligible.

We want to be a part of your alcohol recovery team, and that means doing everything we can to help you get the care you need. We are more than doctors, nurses, and specialists. We are caring providers who truly want the best for you. Don’t let your financial situation hold you back from seeking treatment. You have already invested so much into your sobriety.

All Treatments Under One Roof

We also make it easier to maintain your health by providing you with everything you need in a single medical office.

When you first walk through our doors, you likely won’t know what your medical needs are. We will do a comprehensive bloodwork analysis and screening to check for a multitude of issues, including sleep apnea, HIV, diabetes, and liver and kidney problems. We will also conduct a cardiovascular assessment and check your neuro and motor capacities.

After your assessment, it will be time to create a treatment plan for you. We offer:

Your treatment plan will be customized for your specific needs. Once created, your care providers will work together to ensure you are receiving the care you need. If you were to seek treatment from other providers, your specialists would likely be located all around Buffalo. That makes it difficult to get all the providers on the same page. Our providers simply have to walk down the hall for consultations, ensuring that you get the best level of care at every turn.

A Calming Traditional Medical Office

When you were going through treatment for your alcohol addiction, you likely felt like you spent lots of your time in cold, clinical, hospital-like facilities. You might have gone through detox and rehab, and then went to an aftercare program in another clinical setting. While each spot was different, it looked the same. Now, you’ve had enough of white walls and lime tiles.

Medical Care of Western New York at Buffalo is a traditional medical office located in the Parish Commons Building and has been newly renovated to make it warm and welcoming. The thoughtfully restored building will put you at ease immediately, and our staff will help you maintain that feeling with compassionate care. We do everything possible to put you in the right frame of mind to take care of your health.

Get Help With Alcohol Recovery Treatment Today

You might have spent years or even decades neglecting your health, but it isn’t too late to make a change. Medical advancements have provided health care professionals with countless tools to help people turn their health around. Even if you haven’t seen a doctor in years, you can still get your health back on track with our alcohol recovery treatment program.

Appointments should be made, but emergency walk-ins will be attended to. Contact us today or stop by our office to get help with alcohol recovery treatment. Your road to good health begins here, so see us today.

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